Thiel 2.3 / Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp ?

Does this amp have enough power to drive these speakers? I dont want to purchase this amp if it can't supply enough juice to deliver impact. I listen to all kinds of music from jazz, rock, techno to classical.

thanks for your oppinion.
I just purchased a pair of 2.3's and I am powering it with a 3.2 amp. My room is 16' x 18' and the amp drives the speakers just fine imo. Actually this seems to be a great combination so far.
Don't mix techno and the Musical Fidelity A3 or A3.2 amp, you'll not like what you hear. The MF amps are great for light classical and jazz, especially with monitors speakers, but I've never heard them do justice to big speakers and/or demanding music. Just my experience.
I had the A3CR and Thiel 3.6's. I had upgraded from a McCormack DNA-1 amp- it was definitely a step up in terms of high end extension, delicacy, detail, etc. On the other hand, it was listed as 150w by Audio Advisor but was really closer to 120W into 8 ohms (a step down from the 175w of the DNA-1).

I have since upgraded to Classe CAM200 monoblocks, and there is no comparison- great improvements in bass extension, control, pitch, and ability to go much louder without strain or compression. I think part of the secret is that the Classe doubles its output into 4 ohms, while many other amps don't come near to doubling.

Admittedly there is a fair price difference between the two amps, but I finally found a way to make the 3.6's 'sing' with a bigger amp. The A3CR is a bargain for what it costs, but just won't be near the ultimate for Thiels' demanding load.

Best of luck in your search.
A300cr is 300 watts (or so) vs. A3cr 120 watts. Stereophile only gave it a "B" however.
I am sure the A3CR can drive the 2.3s. Just not loudly.
I have 2.3's that I power with the MF A308cr separates, an upgrade of 450W>4 ohms from the MF A308 Integrated I had for about 5 months, rated at 300W>4 ohms. I had to do the upgrade; no matter what I listened to, classical to jazz to rock to electronica to whatever, the ease and fluidity of this combination made me constantly want a little more volume. By the time it'd get where I wanted it, peaks would cause the A308 Integrated to break up with a very loud TICK sound from one or both channels. I have to have music loud enough to cause a physical reaction from me to really submerse myself in it, and it took more than the Integrated's 300 watts to do it. But I have to tell you -- the combo of the MF A308cr separates and the 2.3's (with my Velodyne HGS-II 12" sub) is a remarkable experience to listen to, no matter the genre. If you get enough juice to your 2.3's, they can and will improve the quality of your life!