Thiel 1.6 vs 3.6 in Small(ish) Room

First off, here is a link to my system for anyone curious:

The Hologram Generator

The basics:
Thiel 1.6
McCormack DNA-1
McCormack ALD-1

I have a small room, only 10’x12’, and came into the system you see above, but with different speakers. I already owned the Thiel 1.6, and this system came with the Thiel 3.6 speakers. My listening room is upstairs where the 1.6’s already were, and the 3.6’s are downstairs and weight 107 pounds apiece. Thus, they haven’t made it up into the listening room to try out yet, and I’m not sure if speakers this large and tall would even work in that size of a room.

So here is my question: if you were in my situation, and you were going to keep one set of Thiels and sell the other, which ones would you keep, and why?
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I had my 2.4s in an 11x12" room for about a month durning a move. I thought hey sounded fine and actually really like the bass gain. 


that is alot of speaker for such a small space?

Update time!

My friend helped me move these upstairs, and that's no small feat for speakers that weigh 107 lbs apiece. They were in my living room with 12 foot ceilings, and are now in my small-ish listening room. And they look freaking massive.

So the sound is good, but you can definitely tell that it's coming from the speakers. They don't disappear in the same way the 1.6 disappears, maybe because there's so much MORE speaker to vanish? Maybe I just can't get far enough away from them for the separate drivers to mesh? Corner-to-corner I can only get about 6-7 feet of distance between me and the speakers. 

I'm going to leave them for a bit though, and see if they settle into the space. My first impression is that they are in fact too big, but they also haven't been used in years so they may just need to break back in.
Thanks! for the update -Dusty.
yes, you will have to re-acclimate yourself to the speakers.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

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