Thiel 1.6 compared to Thiel PCS

I Need some good advice. I have Thiel 1.6s Pass 150.5 and x-1 pre , Thiel SS-1 sub. I am thinking of switching to Thiel PCS because of my seating layout. I don't have much room because I come off a cornor, the TV cabinet is a cornor unit and I sit about 7-8 feet out from the 1.6s which are out about 2 feet into the area. The L shaped area is larger but seating is restricted. I have heard some 2.4s at the store and think they might have a edge on the 1.6s but space and power might be a problem with them. I like the sound of my system, but would it be a step up to go with some PCSs?? Thanks Gaylord
It's been a while since I listened to the PCS but here's what I remember. You might get a little more detail with the PCS compared to the 1.6, and possibly gain some placement options, but I don't think overall it will be a significant step up from the 1.6. I think the 2.4 would be a step up in sound, but only if you have lots of space. They seem to like quite a bit of space behind and to the sides of them, plus you have to sit at least 8 feet away from them.

so if placement is your main concern the PCS is probably your best bet. That's my two cents.
I have a pair of 2.4's and love them. I don't have any experience with the PCS but other than that I completely agree with everything that Estrong has said about the Thiels.
I like both the PCS and 1.6. If your having space issues with your 1.6s then I would think the 2.4s are out of the question. Plus power needs of the 2.4 is on a differeent level than either the 1.6 and PCS.(although your Pass amp would probably be just fine) As far as sound quality. The 2.4s are a huge upgrade over either the 1.6 or pcs.
Long story short. I have had the chance to compare the PCS and 1.6, I think the PCS is the better sounding speaker. It has a cleaner more refined sound to me. The only thing it lacks is a little punch to the 1.6.
Thanks for the advice, I have never heard the PCS's but I am under the assumption that it uses the same high combo driver as the 2.4s and after hearing the 2.4s I am getting the bug to change. I don't know if my amp would have enough power for the 2.4's and to keep from spending to much $$, if I change speakers and upgrade the amp, I will look for some PCS's. I haven't seen any of the Gon for quite awhile, but I'll just have to wait. Thanks again for your input. Gaylord
You might want to check with some dealers about a good deal on some demos or closeouts. I think Thiel is going with a cheaper bookshelf model in the future. You might get a nice new pr. for used prices.