Thiel 1.5s or Martin Logan Scenario

I have the Thiels, they've treated me very well. But also love the Martin Logan sound. Wondering if I'd be downgrading with the Scenario because they're sold as rear surrounds usually. I heard them today and they had a huge sound stage and good imaging for a little speaker. Any way just looking for your thoughts. I have a VTL IT-85 for my amp. thanks. Leslie

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I'm curious as to what you're asking? (BTW, I used to own the 1.5s.) You own the 1.5s, know them intimately with all kinds of music, and you're still not sure? I loved my Thiels, but they were weak in two areas, for me. The bottom end of course. The highs were just too metalic, harsh, forward, IMHO. They were, at the time, the most coherent speaker I had ever heard, with a midrange to die for. The true and only test, again IMHO, is to hear the MLs in your system. Ask them if you can take the demos home and listen to them in your system. If you're not sure after that? Keep your Thiels! peace, warren
I'm hoping someone has the Scenarios and has heard the 1.5s too......... I've been itching to change speakers but I enjoy the Thiels I would hate to downgrade because of an itch............With the Thiels I've noticed the highs are alittle strong since I've been trying different amps........ Warren you are right on the highs and having the new speakers in my system to know for sure.......... I might hit them up for that..........Thanks for your knowledge on the Thiels. Les