Thiel 1.5 vs. 1.6, any experience?

I have owned much of the very best in audio, CJ ART etc., but am in a financial rebuilding phase and starting a modest system.

I owned the Thiel 1.5 at one time and enjoyed them. I am thinking of them for this new small system but would like to learn of any experience you have with them vs. the 1.6 (which I have never heard).

I have owned both though there were a few years between them. The reason for the time between was I did not care for the 1.5s sound. They were one of my wife's favorites, based on looks and size.
Like I said there were many years between so that being said, I very much enjoyed the 1.6 sound. They had a much smoother treble and a fuller sound over all than the 1.5s. At used prices the 1.6 seems to be about twice the price. Well worth it IMO.
Thank you, Jim
Very different speakers as Timrhu states.
The porting is different, the tonal balance is, much more natural...more of a modern day version of THIEL's house sound.
The bass, for me was the big improvement...midbass...heck its better in every way, AND resolves better.
If you like THIEL's house sound, you'll find them to be a much better product.

Mated with tubes, they're wonderful.
I have had the 1.5's for about 12 years now and like all Thiel speakers they tend to sound bright. I have gradually worked my way over to using an all tube system, which now sounds just right to me, with plenty of detail, bass and midrange. I have auditioned the 1.6's several times with some expensive equipment and just never been super impressed with the speaker to justify spending more money. For one thing the 1.5's have more bass and go down to 38 hertz verses the 50 hertz for the 1.6 speakers.

I suggest you talk to Gary w/Thiel Audio to give you his insights of the speaker. The Thiel speakers I have heard that sounded substantially better than the 1.5's are the 2.4 speakers. But in the small room I have them in that large of speaker does not fit.

Good Luck in your decision.
Hi all ! Have you considered the new 1.7 ?
I respectfully and reluctantly disagree with the 'bass assessment'.
The 1.5 may have had 'claimed bass' to 38...(very doubtful, oh, there but WAAAAY DOWN)...
The 1.6, and I compared them, had much more tonal and realistic bass in that region to my ears, and IMHO.

Sometimes the stated specs can influence what we hear, sad but true.