Thiel 1.2

Been a lover of British speakers for 50 years of listening.  Currently alternating between Quad ESL57’s and Harbeth SLH5plus as the mood strikes.

Picked up a pair of Thiel 1.2 for a song and am amazed at just how good they sound.  Lot’s different from my others but quite a gas to listen.  Maybe the word is fun!  And for next to nothing I really am pleased.

Anyone surprised?
Hello yashu!

Not at all.   Have had Thiel speakers in my main rig since 1996.
Started with CS .5s and in 2011 graduated to CS 2.4s.

There is something just right about Thiel speakers irrespective of model#.

I suggest you check out and join the Thiel Owners thread.

Thiel 1.2's one of my first speakers. They are amazingly coherent. That speaker is amazing in running up and down the octave scale and keeping coherent. They paired extremely well with an ARC Classic 30, ARC LS1


After the 1.2 has settled into your room/system, feel fee to join us over on the Thiel Owners thread.  Have fun!

Happy Listening!