Thief Alert

aircooled911 is trying to sell equipment here. I thought I purchased a Yggy dac and sent him the money along with extra for a few more items. He would not use paypal so I gave in . I know, please don't rail me for proper purchases on the internet. I have been selling and buying stereo equipment for years with no problems.
He went dark last week after a 100 or so emails. Please stay away. I have the banks involved, and my cousin is a bail bondsman/bounty hunter so it should be fun if I ever catch up with this guy. 
It is also possible his account was hacked if he had good ratings before...
Someone is also Using My AVID Acutus Table pictures all over the internet for sale. Avid Notified me about this and shut down the users online accounts.

do you really want to involve bounty hunter for it??

u must be either

a) day dreamer


b) story teller.

He has connections all over. I will let the bank and authorities take their turns.
I saw this guys ads for multiple new unopened equipment, which included the Yggy. My instincts were that he was attempting to sell stolen merchandise.

He also was on Audio Asylum in case that will be of any benefit.

I love the "my cousin is a bounty hunter." 
Sorry this happened. The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but....

This story reinforces a lesson learned.  Unless you KNOW the seller and have a relationship with that person, NO cash transactions!
I just sold a PrimaLuna integrated amp, without paypal, and had a flawless transaction. I've been an Audiogon member since 2001 and have perfect feedback. I choose not to use paypal due to their unreasonable bias for the buyer (or so I've heard). I don't know the profile of the alleged perp in this case. If you use caution, there is no reason not to accept checks or postal money orders for payment. BTW, The buyer of my PL joined AGon the day he made the offer to me and had no feedback. He was a perfect gentleman. 

I strongly agree with Hifiman5.

Not every rat gives off an odor.

Dweller, I feel you took a bigger risk than if you would have used Paypal. Glad in your case that it worked out well for you.

+1 lpretiring   I wish we lived in a world where we didn't have to be so careful.  I receive bogus emails pretending to be from very well known reputable merchants that I fear to open lest I infect my computer.  Too bad!
I'm sorry to read this.  I've had nothing but good luck buying and selling on Audiogon, but I've been in touch with others who have run into the occasional seller who is not on the up and up.

I do always use PayPal and a credit card, just in case.
Out of curiosity, what is the etiquette for mentioning something if you think you smell something fishy.
The other day I was interested in a piece of equipment and I asked the seller a question about the voltage. He answered and later that week I noticed that his photos (posted a week after initially putting up the post) contradicted his answer. I'm a relatively new member, so not looking to cause a stink, but wonder what is customary in such a case.
I investigated a little further and noticed that all his 100% positive feedback was from before 2013. It smacked of a hacked account.
I considered asking him the same question publicly as a way of tripping him up if he wasn't legit.
Any thoughts on best practices in a situation like this?
Benzman, this thief's real name is Michael Campbell.  He's been ripping people off for years. He's used addresses in Ohio and Florida.  He took me for $100 maybe a decade ago.  More recently he took a good friend for around $2000.  Crime doesn't pay?  Ho, ho, ho.
I always use Pay-Pal, no problem....I always pay their fees, I don't do friends and gifts.....I tell people when they pay me , keep it straight .......I would say Pay-Pal has paid me back at least 6000.00 in bad purchases.....That 4% they charge is cheep insurance .......I had a strange thing happen....I bought something in UK for 750.00, didn't get a tracking number after several days so I asked Audiogon to check it out....The seller got mad and cancelled my buy and sent my money back.....The seller was new to Audiogon, was out of the US and had one very short feed-back........Wonder why he got mad at me ???   autospec
Be careful. Always look at the price. Always see if he is overseas. Ask multiple questions about how he got it. See if he knows the equipment well enough.  Etc.  I only do PayPal.  If I can't then no deal!
In case any of you don't know it, AudioGon had a serious problem with many accounts being hacked about 5 years ago when they started trying to update the site. It can still be happening? When I emailed them stating my account was hacked they took action but I had to lose my account and start over. They also tried to keep it secret as when I posted it on the Forums they quickly deleted it. Ever since Agon has been Rare selling platform for me. Ebay currently has continuos hacked accounts, so even mega buck companies with lots of security get screwed. Members with excellent feedback and havent used their accounts in a while are usually the targets.
There is no reason not to use Paypal, its insurance for buyers and protects sellers as well. They have saved my ass many times because of shady buyers looking to get either discounts or claim false information to gain from. You simply need to educate yourself with Paypals policies and generally will have no problems. That said I have had some minor losses, stuff happens. But if you are so desperate to buy something and fall for a story that sounded too good to be true then it was a good lesson learned. 
Someone should ask a public question (if a site allows it) with a link to this discussion.
It was 2004, when a seller listed a $2k valued amp for sale for $1k. The seller insisted upon payment via MO or bank check. That seller sold that same amp listing to some 20 or so people here. I was one of them. My local police department worked with the bank to attempt to investigate. The seller had payments mailed to a PO box and cashed payments with a false ID. That was the last time I didn't use PP. Consider yourself lucky you aren't out $1k or more. Buyer beware...always.
I sometimes wonder how simple it is to fool around when so many members here report at least once they've been skimmed. Police department usually helpless and unintelligent against internet scammers. 
I've always said that audio dealers should provide a service as a go between for buyer and seller. They could receive the merch, inspect it and forward to the seller. This would weed out a lot of crooks...
@dweller: It's a nice idea, but the basic economics work out that it's more viable for dealers simply to do consigned sales, as it allows them to take 30% to 40% off the top of the final sale price as their fee. When payment clears the merchandise ships. Also, it doesn't so much weed out the crooks as shield the seller via the dealer, in that you are passing any PayPal bottlenecks over to the dealer.