They still seem to be a hot mess

My first GIK Acoustic panels were purchased ~10 years ago. They were attractive, effective, and reasonably priced. I’ve routinely gone back to GIK. Concurrent with a change in executive leadership, the quality of service at GIK declined the last 2 years. I posted a query on the Gon for alternative firms. Great suggestions fellow Gon’r. Acoustics founder responded to no small number of critical posts. He even assured to remedy problems himself. As the provocateur of the negative string, I reposted my admiration for him returning to the boss’ chair; taking ownership of the problem; and implementing corrective actions.

Sadly, a defective panel was recently delivered and multiple calls to GIK have not triggered a call back. Pandemic related confounders are expected, but no call back is poor business workforce practice. Let’s hope that their former “CEO” isn’t back at the helm.


They certainly make the time to flood me with emails, and I never even bought anything from them.

I found an alternative supplier that sold very good looking acoustic panels for a fraction of the cost of GIK. Along with, good quality and delivery times.

Unfortunately they are no longer an option, as they are based in Kiev, Ukraine.

I hope they survive the Russian invasion and can resume their lives in peace.

Check out ATS Acoustics online. They sell ready made and DIY products. They can customize to your needs. 

Labor shortages still persist in every manufacturing and business segment/channel. Our company is seeing this in every country we have a manufacturing plant. With only 6 of 86 plants fully staffed globally. 

Logistics is better now but the ports are still overwhelmed (due to labor). Look for logistics to get much worse with Diesel shortages looming.

Supply chain is being effected by all of the above and the tensions in China and Russia.

Politics aside the world is a Hot Mess right now.

I do appreciate your perspectives. But do not understand how supply chain matters  compromise your customer service. No call back to a customer — after multiple phone and email attempts — is contrary to best practices in business at stressful times that impact customers. Rather, I think you want to be more attentive to their needs by communication. Otherwise it appears to some that you’re hiding out and/ or blowing the customer off.