They Sing

What one change in your system could you make that would give you silky highs, juicy lows, improve your imaging?

Give up?

I changed my cable from my CD player to my preamp with a solid silver cable. It's hard to believe that such a simple change could make such a big difference. I cannot believe how my Dahlquist M-905's sing now. They're getting pretty close to a planar sound. I have them hooked to a B&K 202+ and a Denon CD player.

was this cable homemade? if not what was the brand?
Dan -- I did the very same thing and had good results as well. However, I tried using silver between my preamp and amp and was very disappointed. In the end, I kept the silver between the DAC and preamp, and use copper out to the amps. On my system it turns out to be a very nice combination.
I have had great response with Bear Lab Silver Lighting and Granite Lab Silver 470. There are other good silver cables out there. Many times it depends upon how your components match up etc. At my personal expense ($) I have done a lot of independent testing with both tubes and solid state.
These were homemade cables. 30 guage silver wire -- 99.999% pure. I used a 26ga Teflon sheathing. So far so good. I've been really pleased with the results.

I measured both wires the same length and didn't realize that the electrical path is about 1/2 inch longer on one side because the solder points on the RCA connectors are about 1/4 in. different. But for now, I'm not resoldering.
I put a Nordost Quattro Fil between my preamp and power amp. The rest of my interconnects are all under $400 list (I bought most used). The other good change was putting a Blue Circle BC62 power cord between the wall and my power conditioner.