They lost my amp

I'm hoping you guy's can put me at ease. I bought mono-blocks from an Agon member. The shipper managed to deliver one mono-block but lost the other. They put a trace on it and said we must give them seven days to find it. My question is: When they lose these things, do they usually find them or is it like the police looking for stolen property - it's probably gone. It's been missing one day and it's big.
Keep positive,thats some stuff to get around but what the heck can you do....relax.Easy for me to say i know,cant controll the situation bro!
UPS lost a 67 lb. crate with a platform in it and they never could find it. They did pay for it.

Then they lost another crate at 55 lbs. with a HRS M3 in it and 10 later it came to my door.

You have a 50/50 shot at it.
They lost one of my Hurricane Monos I bought 4months ago on Agon. The seller worked the system very well and UPS found it in some strange tranfer station and all ended well 2 weeks later. They track all this stuff, thus it is alot better then something getting stolen.
Phaelon, I wish you good luck. What scares me worse than shippers losing or destroying a package is losing or destroying half of a pair. Insurance for one monoblock amplifier or one speaker still leaves the owner in a bad situation.
"What scares me worse than shippers losing or destroying a package is losing or destroying half of a pair"

Exactly! I never would have accepted delivery of one amp if their on-line tracking system and a phone call hadn't assured me that the other amp was on a different truck in route to my house as we spoke. Now, as it turns out, the missing amp hadn't been physically scanned since its origin.
I once bought a pair of speakers. They shipped in separate boxes but UPS delivered only one. I asked the delivery guy where the other one was. So the guy says: "Oh yeah, we were wondering about that other box that was the same size. We weren't sure where it was supposed to go. It was sent to Nova Scotia". (That would be about a five hour drive away from where I was living at the time.) Anyway, it turned up a week later with no harm done. At least they knew where it was. So I guess if UPS doesn't know where something goes,(i.e. they didn't read the shipping label, or are illiterate, or have a reading disability) then they must put the names of random cities on slips of paper in a hat and pull one out to see where to send it.
Give them the chance to trace it. But let the seller know, sometimes if a label is lost and there's a return address on the package then that's the logical place it will go.

Well, for now I'd have to say that sucks. Big time.

Dreadfully sorry to hear about it too. there's no question that one half of a matched pair being lost or busted IMO is a total loss... and I'd pursue it that way too, wether it would prove out well or not for me... as pairs of things are usually matched, or at least they're in the same build era.

I had an issue with a pair of speakers once with Fed Ex. They picked them up in MI at about 3pm one day and miraculosly delivered them by ground, some 1800 miles in 2.5 hrs.!!

For three days they had no idea where they were but gave me the delivery address. Not mine either. One about eight miles from where they were picked up!

Several days later one supervisor found it all out... they had been delivered and scanned into a local Fed ex station... but never scanned again when they were shipped out from there to me.

I understood why when they arrived... the cardboard covering the plywood box was nearly all gone from one unit, and the other's was torn almost all off. hurray for plywood boxes and closed cell foam liners!

A couple other wierd shipping issues forced me to ensure that when ordering amps or speakers in 'pairs' (if large and/or expensive), to palletize 'em. in fact I flew in my Dodds from WA. overnight hoping to circumvent any loss. Palletized my DD15 when it was shipped within the state to me as well... but it still got a fork lift hole in the outer box! thankfully not on the sub itself though.

There is a place which will ensure Fed Ex deliveries against loss or theft apart from the declared value you submit to Fed Ex. there are some criteria too that must be met, such as covering the box so no name or mention of it's contents can be determined, and I think therre's a 30 14 or day wait to recover as well.... and it's only for Fed Ex shippments too.

Duct tape 'em together and - or band them onto a pallett is now my ongoing preff and whenever it's a pricey item, I'll use Pilot Air... still there's just no gimme or lock, on the outcome of shipping stuff.

I sure hope all turns out well, and it probably will. Keep a good thought.
Thanks everyone,

Pallets, that sounds like the way to go Blindjim. Good suggestion. The amps are conrad johnson Premier Vs. I can't imagine that I would be able to find a single mono-block so it would be a total loss to me.
I had a bizarre experience with UPS. I purchased a preamp last December. According to the tracking info, my preamp was still at the UPS facility of origin. There it stayed for 5 days. I kept checking the tracking info and even called a few times asking if they could physically verify that my preamp was where it was supposed to. Each time, I was told that it was indeed there. Finally, the 5th I called them, they admitted that they did not know where my package was. Of course I was furious! The very next day it showed up at my door, even though the tracking info still showed it at the UPS sorting facility...strange.
I guess we could all tell stories about shipping. I bought an amp and preamp from a couple states away. They would make it to my town and then UPS would send it back to the origin. I called several times after I saw this weird behavior. They did a total of three round trips. Finally got to my house but this time placed inside another box. The original box looked like it been to Mars and back. Very rough shape. Naturally I wasn't too happy because I always keep my stuff incl the boxes in excellent condition and it's better for resale. Well since the amp was ok nothing I could do except vow to avoid using UPS in the future.
Maybe UPS should consider a name change to Occasionally Ontime Parcel Service.

OOPS for short.
Hi Everyone,
I've been informed that the cj sojourner is alive and well and residing in Salt Lake City. Keep your fingers crossed for me as Salt Lake City is even further away than Maryland.

Keep us posted on this finding as UPS seems to get a bad rap most of the time.

They have treated me well.
The amp has been delivered and is off to be repaired. The damage indicates strongly that it was dropped.


Sure am sorry to hear my fears were somewhat realized eg., damage.

the repairs, all the expense being put on UPS's dime?

40 x 48 Palletts, Palletts, palletts. Two way or four way, doesn't really matter. have 'em banded onto palletts... not just sitting on them but strapped down onto them!! Darn little will get put on top of them... they usually won't stack them atop anything either... and palletts are usually never run down the confveyor belts, where all the dropping usually happens!

A couple grands worth of gear, matched sets, or "day don't make 'em anymore", IMO, requires a couple hundred more to secure it... and it'sthe "easier softer way", in the end, than tryingh, hoping, praying, one will recover via a claim with the carrier.

Good luck man, I'm pulling for you!
Thank you Blindjim. UPS said they will pay for repairs subject to their inspection of the amp. I hope others heed your advise; the aggravation is definitely not worth it.

Treat them nice and they will respond in a timely manner.

Pulling for you and keep us posted.

Wether they do or don't suits me either way... I can't6 stress enough however, how important it is to CYA with the added effort & likely, cost to safeguard things as a portion of the transaction. It's no lock, not even fool proof, but it'll sure take definite mishandling for it to encounter a severe mishap if strapped to a good sturdy pallett... probably no harder to lose though. ;-}