They came from 50 countries....... see The First Full Set from Led Zepplin since 1980. I wish I was there, it sounds like a great time. Hopefully they will tour again.

Thanks John....I've been reading all the reviews on Google today. Sounds like they "REALLY" pulled it a first rate show. I wonder if a recording, or DVD will come out of this?

Hey Dave,

I didn't think of that, but that would make a lot of sense, for a DVD release, like Clapton's Crossroads. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Who cares!!!!!! Maybe I'm playing the Grinch here, but I'm tired of seeing fat old dinosaurs trying to recreate their [and our] youth.

Zep was falling fast by the late '70's. "KASHMIR" was their last decent album, and even that had plenty of filler material.

R&R is a young man's [woman's] game. $250- for a ticket?!!! I know that it was going to charity, but I'll bet that more than 50% of the take went to cover "expenses". Sorry, but you can't just throw a band [not even having all of the original members] on stage almost 3 decades later, and expect them to have the relevance or impact that they formerly had. Essentially, you are stripping them from their place in time and history, and thus have a VERY expensive and not up to par [vocally] nostalgia act.

I have great respect for band members that go on to be producers, play small club venues [even those performances are becoming too expensive], or don't try to pretend that the years of hard living haven't caught up with them.

Yeah, you'll see a tour alright. Even though the record labels have always been whores, there USED to be an eye for talent, and development of a promising young artist [A&R people]. Now with all the label mergers, money and profit [screw creativity] are the almighty moving forces. And nothing sells better than an established it cars or rock bands!
I do love Zepplin's music but, IMO, I'm starting to feel like Jimmy Page has transformed from guitar god to money-sucking machine.

Check out Jimmy wearing his banker's wing-tips on page 76 of the Jan '08 "Guitar World" magazine.

FYI: Richard Nixon wore wing tips (I'm sorry but cool is cool)...
Saw LZ many times. Some great, some better, a few too loose BUT, for the sake of everything "heavy", I hope today's children can see we were all very lucky to have these guys start it right. (And from there it has become cr*p).
Fatparrot - I care. It brings back great memories, and btw, Jimmy still plays a freaking mean guitar - find out how many of today's stars try desperately to (badly) emulate him.

Pick out a Led Zep album, and at least there's 3-4 momerable, if not all-star tunes - how many other groups have that?

"Sorry, but you can't just throw a band [not even having all of the original members] on stage almost 3 decades later, and expect them to have the relevance or impact that they formerly had".

Apparently many thousands of people consider that thought nonsense based upon demand for tickets.

And, Plant still has one of the best R&R voices around too -fyi.

Dweller - Ginger Baker also wears wing tips in the 2005 "Royal Albert Hall" DVD. No doubt that also makes him a sell-out and uncool too. Maybe it had something to do with the era they grew up?

Calling Jimmy Page uncool. OK, sure.
I always respect Fatparrot; but having bought and listened to Mothership just this week, I hold these guys in very high esteem.

We all get old if we're lucky!

I say rock beats sitting on your ass dreaming of past glory!
Snofun: Yeah, you might have a point about the symbolism of wing-tips in the British culture.

And, oh yeah, Ginger is also wearing a "Pressed-Rat-and-Wharthog" gift shop promo T-shirt on his throne.

I'm sure all the cool Rockers are wearing those too.
But hey! It runs into quid buying pints for your mates all the time...
I hope Plant keeps his gigs with Allison Krauss
and Zeppelin do not tour
go out on a high note

Page and Plant lacked that secret ingredient
John Paul Jones

they couldn't really improv without him