Theta Xtreme D-2 DAC Card

Has anyone install a Theta D-2 DAC card in there CB III? Once the card is installed how do you assign channels? For example I have one D-2 Dac install that has the front R and L and Center and Sub assigned. How do I do that once the D-2 is slotted. Is this done throught config in the menu screen?
I can't directly answer your question, but maybe the following will help. If you look at Page 110 of the Casablanca II Owners Manual, you'll find reference to eighteen (18) possible configurations for the four (4) "unmarked" Casablanca II Extreme Dac outputs.

If you then look at Page 9 in the on-line "Theta Digital Training Manual" you'll find that Page 9 lists twenty-five (25) possible configurations for the four (4) Casablanca III "unmarked" Extreme Dac outputs.

You'll also notice that each of the 25 possible configurations are named, e.g. A4-a. Accordingly, you might want to look at your board to see if your board is inscribed with one of the listed configurations.
I have. Yes it's very easy. Just take you time. I have the instruction page if you need it just PM me.
You can change the CBIII CBIIIHD dac configs by accessing a special menu at boot time of the unit. This special menu lets you scroll through all possible DAC channel output assignments for a given DAC. All you have to do to get the 1-page instruction guide is contact Theta support, ask them to email or fax you the boot menu instructions on changing DAC channel assignments. The user guide mentioned above in previous post is only good for showing you the possible combos for a given DAC card.

You can take this info to the bank, there is no other answer except for this one.