Theta with Vandersteen... what cables?

I am driving Vandersteen speakers with Theta Digital in a combined audio/home theater. Currently, I am using Cardas Golden Cross Cables.I want to upgrade to XLR, so I am considering other cable brands. Any recommendations from Theta/ Vandy owners?
I've heard Kimber Cable's on Vandersteen and Theta at my local dealer and it sounded good. He also uses Transparent speaker cable on them. Either one will be a little more open on top versus the Cardas.
Two cables I would recommend, Cardas Golden Refrence XLR, or the one I use, Audioquest Cheetah XLR (or Sky-a touch better.)
I have been using Theta with Vandies for sometime now. Tried a lot of cables. Very revealing and neutral. Cardas does add a small touch of warmth but a lot of Theta dealers recommend them. Much better than Cross.
I also use kimber select 1030 and KCAG with my dreadnaught with good results
I'd DEFINITELY go with something more extended, even more foreward/prominent in the trebble for your setup! Everything in that system, including the cardas, is a bit recessed in the trebble!
If it were me, I'd be looking at a minimum of Kimber's stufff, Harmonic Silver ref's, Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II's even, or other hotter(trebble) cables.
Vandies are laid back on top, if a little veiled, and the Theta is also warm sounding and forgiving a bit, and cardas too (although they're solid, dynamic, big sounding cables). Good luck