Theta VS EAD

I am thinking about buying a Theta Dreadnaught amplifier or a E.A.D. PowerMaster 2000 to power my HT. I will also use this amp to listen to 2 channel HiFi. I am tempted to buy two of the same amps and Bi-Amp the 2 front(L & R) channels. I have B&W 803's as my front channels, B&W Htm1 as the center and B&W 805's as the rear and effects channels. Are there any opinions on these two amps. I have not bought a HT preamp but I am leaning to the Theta Casanova II. Any other recomendations (Meridan,EAD?)?
Hello Nanben,
It seem like you are going to have a great setup. I personally own the Meridian 561 with the EAD PowerMaster 2000. I personally like the setup very much. My Martin Logans speakers are different from yours but they both needs a lot of power to drive. The main reason I went with the Meridian becasue of it software and firmware how they could be upgrade to adopt to the lastest Surround. Like the Pro Logic II and 7 Channel surround sound. As what are the difference between the EAD vs Theta Dreadnaught I really never done a side by side comparsion. So I have no comments on that. Wish you the best of luck on your new home theater. Let your ears do the judging for you and you will know which one you like better.

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I own the Dreadnaught (5 channel model)- fantastic SS amp (check Theta's website for re-printed reviews). The Dread does 2-channel with a finesse that I don't believe you will find in the Powermaster.

However, if needs are HT only, then compare the 2 amps.

Re: HT processor- I use the Sim Attraction. Its basically the EAD signature top-of-line with better power supply and analog section. I A/B's it with the Meridian 561- Meridian has the edge on steering logic (they are the kings of digital-based surround), however, the Sim is a smoother, more rich sound, and less fatiguing to my ears. I believe the Attraction (~$5k) is priced above Meridian 561 ($??), but below 568 (~$7k).

Sim Attraction sounds better than Theta Casonova AND Casablanca. Believe me, I would have bought Casablanca, as the 'look' would have matched the Dreadnaught perfectly, however, the Attraction just sounded better- balanced outs on all 6 channels (5 and sub) OUT OF THE BOX (i.e. no $$ 'add-on options like Theta Casanova/Casablance).

E-mail me with any further questions, and good luck! (All I know is, you will NOT regret purchase of Dreadnaught- I sure don't. Makr sure and get the optional silver-titanium finish/ top cover combo though- very cool...)