theta tlc between transport and dac benefit?

Hi Everyone
I was thinking of geting a used theta tlc to run between my teac p700 and a musical fidelity a324 ,would this unit be a benefit as some sources on the web say it actually increases jitter , and does the power supply upgrade make a significant improvement? thanks for any info. cheers Phil.
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I have no experience with this product, but here's my two cents...
Don't add components to your signal path if you can avoid it. If you think you've got a jitter problem, look at either a transport/player with low jitter or a DAC that re-clocks the signal (see Birdland Odeon-Ag DAC as a good example).
I personally have a transport/dac combo and would go to a single player in a second just to eliminate a set of interconnects, but I'm very happy with my system and am not currently able to drop big money on something that would be a noticeable improvement.
Good Luck.

Yes it works, but ONLY when fed with HQ TosLink cable. The reason why it doesen't work whe way it should when fed with coax cable are the ground problems. There was a review in a hi-fi news a few years back with measurments to back up this theory, and they showed that when fed with TosLink it reduced jitter up to 80%, and when fed with coax cable it increased the total jitter.

A friend of mine uses TLC between his Marantz CD63 KI CDP and Theta DS Pro Basic IIIa with good resoults.

IMO, the Monarchy DIP is better though, anc costs anly 30$ more.

If you want the bes in jitter reduction, I would sugest getting Genesis Digital Lens as I did. It costs 500$ used.
The DIP is designed well, but implemented poorly. It really needs mods to sound good. Also, the clock in it is not stable, and this is the whole reason for it's existence. If the clock is replaced with a Superclock2, it works very well.
Thanks for your opinions, what i am really unsure of is if it will be an upgrade to my combo ,seeing that the m/fidelity already re-clocks the incoming single and the esoteric p-700 is a good transport , the theta tlc im looking at has the factory psu as well as the tlc .
I agree with Tfkaudio regarding keeping the signal path short.Also Elberoth2 is right ,the Digital lens is the best one out there.500$ is really on the low,as most of the time goes for 550$ and up,depending on condition.Remember that you will also need an extra set of IC's ($$$)so the total cost of the upgrade for a digital lens for example is rising to 700$ or more.I can buy a lot of CD's with 700$.
Having said that I keep my eyes open for a good deal on a digital lens myself.It never ends,does it?

PS Audioengr any good mods for the lens that you know of?