Theta reliability

I've been considering purchasing a Theta Data Basic transport, some of the reviews I have read question the reliability of the drawers and the life expectancy of the lasers.
Can you shed some more light on these reliability issues?
Thank You.
If you are referring to the big laser disc unit, the universal theta transport, I had drawer problems with mine. However, I sent it back to Theta and they fixed it and had it back to me within 9 days including the shipping time. Cost me $50 to fix and Theta's service is superb. If you are speaking of the smaller CD sized Theta Basic unit, they are built like tanks. I owned one and never had drawer problems or laser problems. What surprised the heck out of me was how much better the Data Basic, not the Universal transport, sounded. The sound stage was larger, more dynamic and the low end incredibly detailed and extended. All from the transport...I would have never believed a transport could make such a huge difference.
I had the Data II and had to have to laser replaced. This cost roughly $400.00.
I have a DataBasic (now in a bedroom system) that I bought new years ago when it first came out. It works just fine. I also had a draw problem with the Universal Transpost and Theta fixed it with excellent service.
I had the Data II CD/Laser player and experienced a number of problems. I definitely was not impressed with Theta's service. My unit was a few months past the warranty period and Theta was a stickler about that. Fine, so I paid for the repair, but when I sent the unit back less than 6 months later with the same problem, they said I had to pay again because they don't keep records of previous repairs. My level of disatisfaction was such that I even to this day I will not consider purchasing a Theta product again.
Thanks people,
I am reconsidering the Theta, between your answers and the seller's non-answers to my questions I feel I must look at other options.
Thank you for your help.
I have a Theta Data Basic which is the non-universal transport based on the Phillips CDM-9 Pro assembly. I play on average about 7 hours of music a week and the rest of the time it is in standby mode. The unit is now 7 years old and still works fine. As with any player/transport I get a disk from time to time that it doesn't like but those are rare and usually can be solved by cleaning the disk. If the laser mechanism does go out it can be replaced, however the CDM9 Pro assemblies are no longer available and a CDM12 unit will be substituted. The CDM12 units from Phillips are not of the same quality as the CDM9 Pro's. I also have a Theta DAC that has been just as reliable. I understand that the CD/LD transport that was based on a Pioneer assembly did have some issues.
The Thata transports sound good but are notoriously unreliable. Eevn the newest carmen II was actually shipped out with a suspect chip which caused it to produce digital signal drop outs.
As a previous Theta Basic owner I can attest to their unreliability. I owned it for 8 yrs. and had it repaired 3 times(only once during warranty period). Drawer mechanism,laser,chip had to be replaced. Theta service was excellent. Fortunately I really liked the sound, especially the bass and PRAT. Had I known all this beforehand I probably would not have purchased the transport. I'm not trying to condemn the company as I really like their DAC's but you need to know the facts.
I owned a Theta Data Basic for about 8 years. It never gave me any problems despite heavy use. It was a great transport in my opinion. The only problem however is that the transport mechanism is no longer made so it cannot be replaced.
I've owned a Data Basic since 1995. It's weathered 1/2-dozen moves, and seen both light and heavy periods of use. Up until the most recent move, it had never given me any problems.

However, the carriage ejection mechanism gears had somehow broken during our most recent move. Had to ship the unit back to Theta for service (out of warranty). Cost me $200 (and 3-4 weeks) to get the gears fixed. Their technician told me the earlier transports had experienced problems initially. Something to the effect that the early gears were "cheap plastic".

Unit now works, but makes an awful grinding noise when ejecting a disc. Suspect the new gears are beefier, but the audible increase is annoying. Am planning on calling the technician in the next few days and asking "what gives?".

Never had a problem with the laser - hope that's not next!