Theta reliability?

I have had the original Casablanca(major software and hardware problems-been back to the factory twice). Casablanca II upgrade(software and hardware problems twice-been back to the factory twice-still there. I have had a brand new dealer loaner for 2 months-it also has developed major problems-cannot listen to it anymore. I bought the David transport, it has been back to the factory once. Still the drawer does not close far enough so some CD's rub. I like the engineering and the sound is great but is it just me or are Theta products just terribly unreliable?
I have had problems with Theta Data IIs and a Data III. The worst part was the fact I wanted the machine fixed locally to avoid a very expensive freight bill sending them back to the US - but Theta were fairly uninterested. When we ordered a laser to see if that was the problem they sent one out that did not work and then when we sent it back they complained it was not the one they had sent. Then when we ordered a servo board to see if that would work they sent us a refurbished one that was junk - lots of soldering over the circuit board traces.

It is a real shame because I like both transports from a sound point of view.
Never had a problem with my data basic transport. My casa-nova has been back to the factory once and I fear it will need to go back again. I find myself having to reboot the system every five or six days in order to get the sound back. My DaViD is currently back at Theta.(first time) Great sounding equipment but very temperamental. Can't wait to buy a dreadnaught! When this stuff is working there's nothing like it.
I thought I had a problem with my theta miles I sent it back to them they tested it. It was fine And when I got it back did did a free software upgrade and wouldnt even charge me. I have a good exspereince with them. Great sounding gear also
I know that there are software bugs with the Casa 2.
Theta postponed all upgrades for a few months,
but they are taking orders again.

Pesumably the bugs are fixed.
My buddie's Gen VA dac had to go back once, but I own the Dreadnaught amp, and it has been problem free!
my new pro prime IIa was defective right out of the box. the dealer replacement and my data basic II have never skipped a beat. sorry to hear you're having problems.
I have owned a lot of Theta products over the last 8 years (Data II, Data III, Gen II, III, Va and Casablanca) and have had only one problem --with the Data II- that required it to go back to the factory.

It seems as though the more software they use (vs hardware) the more problems they have. (On the other hand, I have to reboot Windows 98 at least every two days !!!)