theta prometheus vs veritas monoblock

Has any body compare the sound of the Theta Prometheus monoblocks vs the Merrill Veritas monoblocks if any body has
will you please let me knows. Thanks in adavance.
No responses?
Curious to hear from anyone who has compared the Prometheus directly with Merrill's Veritas or with the Acoustic Imagery Atsahs....or with the Mola Mola Kaluga for that matter. Thanks.

Hi Mitch  I bough a pair of Veritas  monoblocks from Merrill audio and I can

honestly tell you that they have provide to me every thing that an audiophile ask for in term musicality  and enjoyment. I have try most of the  major brand

and none of them have been able to do what the Veritas has done for me, please call Merrill to check them out. Excellent product from one of the nice person that

I have ever met.Juan 

Hi Juan,
I owned the Acoustic Imagery Atsah amplifiers, which are virtually the same thing as Merrill's Veritas that you now own.
I was curious about the Prometheus because, unlike the Merrill or Acoustic Imagery amps, the Prometheus has a custom linear power supply by David Reich, and only uses the Hypex/NC1200 amplifier board.
Did you happen to hear the Prometheus amps when you were looking and, if so, how do you think they compare with Merrill's Veritas?
I'm getting the Veritas tomorrow and am currently using the Sanders Magtech.

Hi. limniscate I 'm very happy to hear that you are buying a pair of

veritas monoblocks, my friend you are going to love them, speaking from my own experience nothing compare. I have try most of the major

brand of amps from digital to to A&B to monoblocks, and I can tell you with 100% certainty  that  none of them has been able to provide

my musical need, that search ended when I contact my dear friend

Merrill. I ask him if he would be willing to send me a pair of veritas monoblocks and he agree, my first impression was wow, soundstage

deep deep base with total control of my dynaudio contour 5.4 speakers musical beyond believe micro details and every thing that an audiophile can ask for  is there and more. I highly recommend that you listen to the Christine pre- amp  from Merrill, it is and amazing piece of equipment, beautiful sound among the best of the best, good lock with your veritas I know you are going to love them

Best regards Juan. 

Merrill has been amazing to deal with. I need to conduct some more testing, but my initial impression and observations between the Magtech and the Veritas are that (1) the Veritas is quieter--both the unit itself and through the speakers. There's no tube hiss from my Audio Research Ref5SE. (2) The Veritas may be a hair more detailed with slightly better imaging. (3) The Veritas is more forward in the mids and highs and thus brighter. It's interesting that both amps are typically described as neutral because the Magtech sounds more laid back to me. As of now, I prefer the Magtech but will report back after more listening. 
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limniscate ...I would not be to critical of the Veritas monoblocks until you have substantial burn in time on them. It takes a decent amount of time before the party gets started...