theta or lexicon or NAD

i'm building a new HT for our new house...the room is going to be 10x22 room and i have Revel Performas F30s up font, a M20 center and I plan to get M20s for the rear and back surrounds.

the processor is unknown at this time.

wondering what 7 channel amp to get...I need it to power the HT and 2 zones simoutenously.

anyone have a suggestion on the amp?
From my experience, you'll find anything and everything associated with Theta to be excellent.
always subjective when you ask for those types of suggestions however i have owned all of the above and with confidence i believe theta to be in a much higher class. agree with raks that every piece of theta gear i have heard or owned has been excellent. i wish that my lexicon universal player had turned into a theta compli while i was sleeping last night...