Theta Miles VS Resolution Audio CD50

I would like to get some opinions of how these two models
sound when run "direct" into a poweramp using the variable
outputs. I currently run a Sony 707ESD direct into a Classe
and really like it. I would like to buy either a used Theta
or a used RA to see if either sounds better than my Sony 707.

Has anyone spent time with both the Theta and the RA and can
tell me about how they differ in sound? My first priority
is the rhythm and pace thing. The NAIM was so good at this
but it doesn't have a variable output. And I dislike cold
sounding or analytic players. (I won't mention names)

If you want to go direct to your amp you shorten the list quite abit. Anyone else who cares to add to this list feel free. Direct to amp you have the following choices:

Resolution Audio?
I highly recommend the Audio Aero Prima. At only $1700, it is a steal. It is wonderful sounding and, of course upsamples at 24 /192.

Good Luck!
I have auditioned the Miles, it does not throw as deep of soundstage as their dac's do. The Miles is certainly not warm. I've had great warm - musical results through my pass labs x-1. Two other options,

Mark Levinson 39 – original version very musical and gooey - less detail.
Pass Labs DAC-1 – more detail and still very musical.

Best of luck

Thanks for the info on other players, but my budget
is more in the used Miles or RA CD50 range. These
are the two I'd like to know about as far as how
they differ in sound.

A lower cost, lower performance, but still quite good (former Stereophile Class B) alternative would be the Denon DCD-1650AR. Two sets of single ended outputs: one fixed, the other controled by an analog front panel volume control. I have one and am quite pleased with it. It's not a Theta or a RA but you might want to give it a listen.
You can't control the denon's volume by remote. I owned it but did not hear a big difference over my old player so i sold it. It is made really well and works so smoothly that i loved it just for those reasons. The theta i owned as well. I always wanted a RA cd 55 instead but could never afford one. I would take the RA CD 50 over it. I compared the theta to my mark levinson 37, 36, 380 combo running directly into my plinius and the levinson was much better. So i sold that too. BTW i would really look into the CAL CL 15 that i think would sound great running direct even though it has a digital volume control. I owned this player as well but i never took out of the box and never really heard it, but its supposed to be great. Come to think of it if you can find a used cal cl 15 for around 700.00 i would get that until the digital wars are over or until you can afford a cd 55 or 39 or wadia 830 or something. I think the CAL would be basically a sonic equal to the theta, but not the RA CD 50. These are just my oppions as i have never AB'd these players. - Ian