Theta Miles & Pass Aleph 3?

Would this combination make sense? I currently have a Bryston B60, Miles CD player and Von Schweikert VR4 speakers (1st generation). The Miles replaced a Rega Planet CD player and since it has analog volume control I wonder if it would make sense to swap the Bryston for an Aleph.....
I used to own that exact combination. The combo had to fight a low sesivity speaker (ProAc One SC with dedicated stands, and Wireworld Eclipse cables), but the midrange and purity was to die for... I still miss my Aleph 3 - and would buy an Aleph 5 today (even if it IS an old amp) if the opportunity presented itself! Coolest amp design I ever saw.

If its enough power, its an easy upgrade IMO. I've had Aleph 2s for ten years. I first auditioned the 3, Bryston 4 and others, before ordering the 2s. I thought the 3 might have souned slightly better than the 2s but it was too little power in that application thus hard to tell.