Theta Miles or new MF M1 CDT CD as transport

Room (12x15)
SPEAKERS...Fritz Carbon 7
AMPS...Quicksilver 90 watt silver monos
PREAMP...Quicksilver LS model
Musical Fidelity M1 DAC A with Asynchronous USB!
Theta Miles CD Player (as transport)
CABLES...Kimber Monocale XL (speakers), Kimber kcag and silverstreak (interconnect).

Any thoughts on using Theta Miles CD Player (as transport) or buying new Musical Fidelity M1 CDT CD Transport.

The Theta Miles is based on a long-discontinued Pioneer transport, the Stable Platter technology.
Transports and lasers do wear out.
I suggest that you choose a transport made with readily available parts, e.g. those based on the Philips CD-Pro 2 mechanism.