Theta Miles against Jolida JD100

Heard favorable reviews on Jolida, even compares it like a $3000 player, anybody has to share experience regarding the differences between both.
Never heard the Jolida but the Theta Miles rock's.
The Theta is a classic. It is better across the board to the Jolida. But, the Jolida will set a new standard. The issue is now longevity. The Theta transport cannot be replaced. The Jolida is repairable for some time. Sonically and musically give me the Theta. Long term, I may have to go with the Jolida.
Just found this thread - the above info is not correct.
I had the drive replaced by Theta couple of months ago with a new one. No problem there. They still have them.
I have a Jolida JD-100 and a Theta DSPro basic DAC. Theta's external DACs are very similar, if not better, than the internal DACs. So I feel this is nearly apples to apples.

They are both very good. Stock tubes in the Jolida would hand the competition to the Theta every time. However, upgrading the tubes, makes the race a lot closer.

I prefer the Jolida most of the time. The mids are sweet. I can change tubes for more air, or more attack, or even more bass. I like tube tweaking a lot.

The Theta has typical SS bass, which is nice. Also it has the typical aggresiveness associated with SS as well. This is sometimes good and sometimes not, it depends on the recording.

I wouldnt give either up at this stage. Both are good but different. The Miles transport mechanism is definately better than the Jolida's.
This thread is umteen years old, but I just replaced my optics on my Miles and it's almost 25 years old.  I still love it.