Theta Intrepid

I am looking to build a new 5.1 system, with probably a simple preamp (the preamp from an H/K 430 reciever) through a 5-ch and 2-ch amps. I will be running Meadowlark Ospreys L/R, Swift Rears, Swan Center, and Owl Surrounds. Probably will start with Monitor Audio FB210 (x2) for bass, and will be using the H/K's bass management.
I am not sure of what I will pay for the Intrepid, and I'd like a Dreadnaught Ii but don't know how long it will take me to get.
What amps would be suggested to work with the Intrepid - I'm thinking running the surrounds, center and rears off of the Intrepid and getting monoblocks for the front L/R so that i can use those simply for music.

Suggtestions? Comments? anyone have an Intrepid? I've read nothing but rave reviews of Theta stuff, any input there?

Just curious, but wouldn't a Dreadnaught II with two (or three) of the single channel modules and one (or two) of the two-channel modules be less expensive (and potentially as good sounding) as an Intrepid with two mono blocks? If you are springing for Theta on the center and surrounds, I would think that you would want to stick with them for the L/R. I am also considering a simliar setup, but while an Intrepid with a pair of Enterprise monoblocks would certainly sound incredible, it would be rather pricey. Plus, I would probably want more power for the center channel than the Intrepid could supply, so that means either another Enterprise (overkill, IMHO) or more likely a Dread instead of the Intrepid.

The nice thing with the Dreadnaught II is the ability to play in 2-channel mode, and send all of the current just to your main speakers. I am thinking of going the Dreadnaught II route now, and adding Enterprise or possibly even Citadel mono's somewhere down the road.

That would seem to make more sense...i guess. I will be buying whatever i can get on the 'Gon as far as i can tell, so it probably depends on what shows up when. I would love to go with a Dreadnaught Ii w/ 7 channels, but whether or not i can afford it without selling my car (!!!) is a big part of it.

Thanks for the input!
I just heard both an Intrepid and a pair of Theta Enterprise monoblocks with my Thiel CS3.6's. Needless to say, I am very impressed. The Theta hype is real. The Enterprises did everything that you would expect amps at their price to do, and had a very sweet, musical sound. The Intrepid really blew me away, though. I cannot see how a 5-channel, 100watt amp, especially at its price point, can drive a difficult speaker like the 3.6's so well. It captured much of the overall sound of the Enterprises, but without the level of detail, control, imaging and soundstage that the Enterprises offer. I would think that a Dreadnaught II would be killer as well.

So, it sounds like we may be in similar boats. I bought the Intrepid, and I am now trying to decide between a two-channel Dreadnaught II or a pair of Enterprises. Decisions, decisions...

I cannot seem to find any Intrepids, maybe they are so great people won't part with them? I do not have overly drastic power needs, and am not driving difficult speakers, most likey B&W CM series or 700 series. I may go with the Meadowlarks, but have not auditioned them. Love to find a Casa II / Dreadnaught II combo for like $3500 (right!)

Thanks for your input, I am still realtively new to this and still have many quesitons as to cables (what's good with what, what are more neutral what are more bright/analytical, etc.) and speakers, there are so many speakers out there for good prices, I don't know where to start except for what i've heard, and that is pretty limited.

Any other suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, as i dive headlong into what appears to be a neverending search for music the way i like it - smooth, mellow, yet detailed and spacious. Any thoughts?
From what you are describing, it seems that you are on the right track with Theta amplifiers. They seem to be quite excellent at each respective price point, and I think that they do a very good job of hitting your goals of "smooth, mellow, yet detailed and spacious", especially considering that they are solid state.

Theta is making the best stuff in every catagory right now. There amps are amazing. Tom just heard them so he is right on the money how they sound. As they break-in they only keep getting better and better.
Well Guys , It's nice to see that we have some serious Theta Interest going here.

As Always , I hope to be able to assist fellow Theta Advocates with their purchases..

Thanks CRaig