Theta GenVIII vs. Theta Va and a tube preamp?

Anyone directly compared? I'm assuming the dac in the VIII is a significant improvement over the Va, but how good is the preamp section? If I jumped for a Supratek or something of that nature, which would give me more inputs, a HT bypass, etc., how would it compare sonically? Rest of system is Theta front end, Theta amp, Snell speakers. Thanks. -Dave
HEY--Dave, the Theta gen5a is so dated---like about 15 years, dated. Digital has come so far in that long a period; it wouldn't surprise me if the benchmak dac has passed this gen5a.---Yes, I did own one; for say 9 years. I bought the original 5/ had the A mod/ also had the 24/96 mod.-- I also ran my 5 with a cat3 pre as well. Sure I know it's your dough but I say there are so many newer dacs that better the 5--- Move into the 21st century for your dac purchase.
OK, how about the GenVIII vs. the combination of a tube preamp such as a chenin with any dac anyone would recommend, where the used price of the GenVIII is about the used price of the preamp and dac combo?