Theta Generation VIII & Wadia 270?


I'm Looking for some suggestions by current owners for a transport to use with the Generation VIII.
Any match with Wadia 270?
I have 800 cd's (no SACD at all!).

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hi Tomer
I have the 27dac and I tried other transports before I went w/ the Wadia 27 transport. The clocklink between the two components made a huge improvement over any other types of connection.
agree with the post above 100%
I have a GNSC modified 270se paired with dCS gear and a Placette Active dual mono preamp. Love it.
Sorry not to mantion it...but I have the Generation VIII. First choice is the Theta Compli with it's special digital connection. As I wrote I listen only to Cd's.
Second choice is the Wadia 270...or is it my first one?
Which ONE of them will play redbook better?

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It depends what you are looking for. The Compli is a universial player. The 270se is redbook. The Compli will provide greater format flexibility...but there is NO WAY that the Compli will play redbook nearly as well as the 270se. They are in a different league for redbook playback. Take a look at the VDRS transport for the 270se on the Wadia site. It is amazing. I've heard both and own the 270se. I guess it depends how important redbook quality is to you. 90% of my listening is redbook so i use the Wadia for that. I then use an extensively modified Pioneer DV47a for SACD or DVDa.

Although I haven't heard it, I have read the Theta Jitter Jail card is supposed to make the transport irrelevant. Has anyone tried different transports with this card installed? (I thought there was a review that confirmed this but very vague memory. Hopefully someone with firsthand experience with the Jitter Jail can comment further.)
Jitter reduction is essential. I have two Apogee Big Bens in my system for this purpose. But anyone who thinks that jitter reduction in and of itself makes the transport "irrelevant" is way off base. Reduction in jitter allows a really good transport to differentiate itself from mediocre competitors.


In theory, the Wadia 270 is in a different league for redbook playback.
What about the different clock in the 2 componnets?

The Wadia has an ultra-stable TCXO clock that is pretty amazing. I'm not sure what they've done in the Compli in this regard.