Theta Gen. VIII V.S. Wadia 27

I own a "vanilla" Wadia 27 which I am running direct to a pair of Threshold T400 amps. I have been reading on the Web the limited information on the Theta Gen. VIII and one thing that attracks me to it is the fact that it has an integrated analog pre-amp.

Has anybody have made a comparison of the sound and performance of this two units?
I want to find out which way I should go. Either modify the Wadia 27 through GNS or sell it and buy a Gen. VIII.

having not heard the theta I would still highly recommended having gnsc modify your Wadia 27 the difference after modification will absolutely amaze you. Steve Huntley knows how to modify a Wadia most definitely.
I have a Gen VIII there is nothing like it! nothing! its really really good! Get your hands on one and try it!
I wouls also like to get more info on the GenVIII. I have a CBII and was thinking of getting a GenVIII to go with it.
Buy the Gen VIII the ballgame is over! No need to modify at all.