Theta Gen VI? Nope, Gen VIII - UPDATE

Hey folks,
I've posted on this topic before, and can now confirm a prior thread I started w/regard to the name. Check the source:

"...all previous models going back to the original DS Pre and DS Pro can be upgraded to the performance and features of the Generation VIII."

"The Generation VIII will be available in first QTR 2002. The price of the DAC was unavailable at press time."

Great news for all of us Gen X owners. It does appear to be a completely different chassis, but maybe it's a simple as a new face plate.
Theta is such a ripoff. I called to check a serial number and was told that there was a $25 research fee, payable via credit card on the phone, to look up any serial number. I'm really tired of high end companies with snooty attitude and big prices for every little thing they provide.

Let's do what a Stereophile subscriber once said, "I'll wait for Audio Research's Z modification so I don't have to give Bill Johnson all of my money."
Kev~ I got the same response from Theta concerning Ser #. I was quite put off as much by the lady's attitude as the $25 charge. In contrast, I called Conrad Johnson and talked to them about a piece of used equipment I was considering. They gave me date of manufacture on ser #, discussed mating the CJ with my other equipment etc. etc. for 10 minutes or so. What a pleasure to do business with CJ. Though I bought the Theta, their customer service is quite lacking. I've thought about upgrading the Theta but don't know if I want to go through the hassle of dealing with their attitude.
If anyone sees or hears the new Gen 8 at the show, please post your comments. I am really looking forward to the upgrade.

As far as comments about the serial number research charges, was this for used equipment?

In Theta's defense, they appear to have a company policy about charging for research. Maybe if they'd used the serial number date coding some companies do that job would be easier for them.
On the bright side, I bought a used Theta transport over the net that was missing its rear spike foot. Theta sent me a new one for free.
I heard the price for the Gen VIII will be in $8 to $10 K