Theta Gen Va Mods

Does anyone know if any mods are available for the Theta Gen. Va or a Jitter reduction units that woll with improve this unit?
I use a Genesis Digital Lens with mine. Great improvement.
You should just give the serial # to Theta, and find out exactly where the piece is at. Is it balanced? Does it have the 24/96 upgrade?
Theta is very adamant about using their dealers. They'll probably tell you to use your closest one.
There is no 24/96 upgrade. It's 20/96.
I just bought Digital Lens for my Gen Va. Still haven't received it though.
The unit is balanced and has the 20/96 upgrade. I am thinking about getting the Genesis Digital Lens, but is it worth the bucks and what kind of improvement can I expect.
Thanks to all
I will let you know, when I got mine Lens.
I also have a Genesis Digital Lens that I use between my transports and TacT RCS unit. I recently picked up a Theta
Jade transport which has the "jitter jail" circuit. The Jade sounds just has good if not better running directly
into the RCS. The DL doesn't support 24/96 or 20/96. PSAudio who owns the rights to the DL, have talked about a DL II. I think there's a market need for a jitter/clock devise to use with hi-rez formats. Some TacT users are using the Apogee Big Ben for this application.
I installed my Digital Lens today. I put it between my Theta Data Basic II CDT and Theta DS Pro Gen Va DAC and conected with Illuminati Orchid digital cable.

The resoult is simply mind blowing. The added smoothness, detail, air, texture and bloom totally transformed my system. The addition of DL brought bigger improvement than going from DS Pro Prime II DAC to Gen Va !

Best 500$ EVER spent on audio.
In my humble opinion mods are simply a way of depleting your wallet. Example: I recently had need to take apart my highly moded Denon DVD (Underwood Wally), to repair a bad solder joint. What did I find? All that expensive modification boils down to a solid silver wire (22 gague) that attaches the entire circuit, mods and all, to a Gold plated RCA (also a mod) port. What possible good would a $3000 IC connected to this machine do? It all runs through a 2in piece of silver 22 gague wire. It's all a ripoff! At least that is my opinion
I agree with 51 derrill, mods does not seem the way to go. I am going to replace my transport (Theta Data Universal MK.ll.) Any suggestions? I want a used one in the $700 to $1,000 price range.
Theta has a special link used between their transport and dacs. You a new transport: SFT-1, CEC TL-1X, ML 37 etc.