Theta Gen V unbalance -vs- Gen Va balanced

I believe I have a Gen V (a version) but I am not sure. It has balanced outputs. Does anyone know with certainty, how to tell if your Gen Va is in fact the a version? If I take the lid off what should I look for on the "a" version that is not present on the non "a". Thanks

I also have a Gen V unbalanced.
It is hard to tell if you have an "A" version by taking the lid off. The "A" version upgrade replaced key transistors in the system with better matched ones. Normally, an "A" version would have an "A" sticker on the back of the unit near the serial number. You could call Theta with the serial number and they could tell you what version you have. Also, both the Gen V and Gen Va came in balanced and unbalanced versions. The balanced version added a second DAC to each channel and the circuitry from input to output was a complete balanced design.
Thanks for your reply. My Va is an Audiogon piece which has no serial number but, does have the version "a" sticker. The original box markings do not match up with the rear panel connections. Listening tests of the Va reveal a slight improvement over the V that seems to be apparent only when using the balanced out connections. I am wondering if I have been had.

Almost all Theta DACs have balanced outputs. My balanced Va has an XLR (balanced) input as well. This is an entirely different DAC and retailed for $5695 as opposed to $3895 for the unbalanced model. The balanced model also sports a teflon circuit board. Don