Theta Gen V owners

I have a question for you guys,I am looking into purchasing a used Gen V dac and unsure about something.I see them called Gen V`s and also Gen Va.So my question is what is the difference between an Va and a V.I am thinking that the Va signifies a upgrade or mod or something,if so can you share with me the details of this or simply set me straight!
The "a" mod was $495.00 on the Theta dealer price list of November 10, 1995. It is a significant improvement and involves a new PLL circuit and analog filter. You should probably buy a unit which is already a Va as that price may not be the same if the mod is still available. Theta also charges more if one is not the original owner, plus the shipping would be considerable. That said, I love my Va!
You get what you pay for .Just don't pay top dollar for a plain one.I love Theta's position.The guy who bought it new,paid the big bucks, is deserving of the price break,on upgrades.I bought mine new ,had the a-mod;then the best of all the 24/96 mod.Great co.
I recently e-mailed Theta. Ed told me that they are no longer doing upgrades or modifications to Generation V processors since they are no longer in production and the Generation VI is coming (see other threads for that discussion). They will do updates on Pro Basic and Pro Prime converters, but the work is expensive.
If you are buying used get the Va and make sure it has balanced outputs even if you plan to go out single ended. I was told by Theta that there are significant improvements to the power supply and the audio circuits in the balanced units. The 24/96 mod does give you a better filter even for Redbook CD's. I loved my Gen Va but I gave up waiting for the VI. I bought an MSB Platinum which I think sounds much better. I also just got the dCS Elgar and 972 which is another step up. That said, for a good price, the Va is a good piece of gear.
Thanks to all of you gentlemen.I was only interested in the balanced version and well aware of upgrades and mods being expensive.Glad to know that a V can no longer be upgraded to a Va,this will help in future decisions.
Balanced Va just got listed at $1450. Helluva deal, Tim. I wouldn't pass this one up if you can swing it. Don