Theta Dreadnaught---I have arrived at HiFi Heaven

WOW, Home Theater and two-channel bliss, who would have ever believed it could be possible? What was I waiting for? 200w X 5 and I have re-discovered my CD collection.

I will take a closer look at the rest of the Theta Line.

Great amp, everything and more you have read about!


Little known piece of info about the Dreadnaught. It was designed by David Reich of Classe audio fame (the best stuff they did IMHO was the DR series, the designers initials). He left Classe quite some time ago, went to McCormack then Theta. I called Theta and spoke to Dave as he was finishing up the Dreadnaght design, he was particularly proud of the design. Oh, and if my failing memory serves David is schooled and trained as a musician and took on audio design after he finished his studies. A remarkable man and one of the nicest guys I've met in my audio journeys. Congratulations on owning a Dave Reich classic.
I got the following quote from Theta's website;

"To design their first power amplifier, Theta enlisted the services of Charles Hansen of Ayre Acoustics, whose designs were refined and turned from a concept into a construction design by Theta engineer David Reich (previously of Classé)."

Here is a link to the review;

The Dreadnaught design (according to the review)is a Zero-feedback balanced amp which is one of the big reason why Ayre amps sound so great IMHO. I have also read something on Audio Asylum that gives Charles credit for the design of the Dreadnaught.
Dmichael you are absolutely correct,Charles Hansen designed
the Dreadnaught.
Well take a listen to the new Enterprise mono blocks........awesome!!!!