Theta Digital Gen Va support 24/96 ?

I'm looking to upgrade from a Theta Pro basic iii if I can get confirmation that the Gen Va in fact locks onto 24/96 reliably. I know the "a" version included 24/94 input, but of the three units I have found, no owner can tell me they run 24/96 content. And the dac is 20 bit, so I want to be sure before making the purchase.

My other gear is Modwright Transporter streaming 24/96, Theta transport, Hovland Pre and Pass amp.
I believe the 20/96 (not 24/96) was a separate upgrade to the Version A.
Elberoth2 is correct. The A version changed some of the analogue circuitry and possibly other things, but did not change the 16 bit 48 kHz max capability. There was a separate upgrade to allow it to convert 24/96 content (at 20 bits as Elberoth2 pointed out).

I have a Gen Va with the 24/96 upgrade and it sounds fantastic with 24/88.2 and 24/96 content. I use a Slim Devices (now Logitech) Transporter as my source for 24/88.2 and 24/96 material, and include a Genesis Digital Lens for 44k and 48k material.