Theta Digital Casablanca III and Von Schweikert

Do any of you have experience in setting up the CB III with Von Schweikert Speakers? Maybe with any set of speakers? My confusion lies in the setting of the different crossovers, high pass and low pass filters, and slopes. I am not familiar with "phase relationships and vector mathematics" as the manual says.

My setup of VSA speakers are VR4 SR-MKI as the left/right, a single Unifield 2 as a center, TS-150s as surrounds and S1 as the subwoofer. Any help that you can provide would be great.

I don’t believe a specific brand of speakers have a lot to do with the crossover and slope settings you’ll eventually choose. With the Casablanca enabling you to set up three crossover types and individually change the slope settings with the remote while listening, you get the best of both worlds to trim the slope settings to your own ear… and choose the crossover type that sounds best to you. The FULL, XOVER, FUL/LP setting are more purpose dependent.
The good news is on the CBIII you can change the Xover setting in real-time while you are listening. So simply zap through the variables and pick what you like best.
I used to have the Casablanca I, so I'm not familiar with the crossover features of the III, and I have Von Schweikert speakers, though not the same models as yours - but with your setup I would set every speaker as full/large and direct the .1 channel to the subwoofer and be done with it. Or at least start with that configuration and experiment from there.
Everyone is giving me some great ideas, thank you so very much. Malcolm02, when you indicate the .1 channel, what do you mean?
Thanks again all.
Rkissner: "Malcolm02, when you indicate the .1 channel, what do you mean?"

The .1 in 5.1, ie. the subwoofer/LFE channel. So your speakers are running full range for the 5 main channels, which yours are capable of handling, and the subwoofer is only handling the channel that is explicitly assigned to it. Simple and straightforward, and you can spend more time listening to music and watching movies and less time fussing with crossovers. My 2 cents anyway. Or you could experiment with crossing over the center and surrounds, but you mains are flat to 20Hz, right?
I hope you’re using the Theta “Master Quickstart Guide” to set up your Casablanca. That takes 99% of the hocus-pocus out off the table.
Thanks again for all the help. I have used the quick start guide to set this up, but I want to fine tune what I have. The manauls are pretty good with the setup, but changing setting is not all that clear. I had set up with the expectation that I add my turntable at a time when I got a phono preamp. Now that I have that all set up, I wanted to make adjustments and wanted to reach out to some experts to figure out how to do it optimally. Thanks again.

Flat to 20Hz? I really don't know.
Rkissner... There's a guy that lives in Richmond, Indiana that Theta refers prospects to when a Theta owner is looking for someone to set up their system. If you’re interested, I’ll forward what contact information I have. I would think that he prefers to be “hands-on” in the set-up, but for a fee he might be willing to consult with you over the phone.

Also, if you look at Theta’s website, you’ll find that Theta owners can actually download the settings that others are using.
That sounds like an interesting proposition. Send the info please. I will also check out the free settings.

Thanks much.

Ray... I forwared the information you requested via the AudiogoN Member Lookup / Send Message option. If for some reason you don't get it, let me know.

Vector mathematics ...Anyone here take that as a pre-requsit in school? I think I passed on that for like, psychology theory, er something. Not completely sure I could calibrate that piece, personally. Might needa hire someone! Lol
Thanks for the posting and the member information! Much appreciated.