theta data ii transport remote control

I have a theta data ii used as cd transport,but the remote control missing,please tell me which remote control can replace the original one,by the way,it is said that theta used a pionner LD PLAYBACK system,is it true?
Thank you.
The Data III was Pioneer based. The Data Universal and Data II were both modified Philips. The Philips model number was CDV400. They show up cheap on ebay quite often.
Check it out.
Thank you for you two.It seems that I can not find an original one,I hope that i can have a replaced one with which i can use play/stop/open,which remote control can help me to do this?
The Monarchy DT40 was based on the same Philips unit. This remote should also work, if you happen to spot one for sale.
Another option would be to go with one of the universal remotes that has a full database of supported units. For example, the Logitech Harmony series has an extensive db (including Theta, I'm not sure about the Data or Philips likely). I just bought one and have just begun to play around with it, nice ergonomics.