Theta Data II -Is it a forward sounding transport?

I own a Theta Data II transport - Do others find it forward sounding? Any other transport recommendations? Thanks.
Scotty333, I have one and it is one of the best CD transport for the money.
To get the best sound some cones or Vibropods are must.
I have tried a few and find DH Golden Sound Super cons the most natural and musical of all.
Check it out.
Good luck
What is the rest of your system? The "forward sound" you are talking about may not be caused by Theta Data II at all. It also could depend on your digital cable..
Thanks guys. It was a general question as I know some have told me that there are better transports and that it can be a forward sounding player. I have not found that to be the case per se, but am interested in the possibility of upgrading my transport.
Problem solved...Bad tubes in DAC was the culprit - age and probably quality were the culprits...thanks.

Theta is back to excellent standards - stands are critical.