Theta data basic II transport?

Hello:will appreciate any thoughts on the theta data basic II transport performance,i'm looking for a good transport that will be compatible to the SF or Classe transports performance to mate with my resaudio dacs,thanks.AL
The theta data basic II transport is a nice,well built transport,IMO.The theta goes head to head with the classe transport,but the classe has more tank like build qualities than the theta.As far as one of the two being better than the other I think would be more system dependant.I have no experience with SF.Hope this helps.
It is obviouse that for its performance used Theta has an increadibly low price (??)
May be there were too many units made and depreciation is higher than in other transports?
Right now I do believe that in $400 range you will not find a better one.
I have a dealer friend who says that they have had many returns and service requests for the theta data II, and III. Make sure you find out repair prices from theta prior to purchase
how does theta compare to a Cal delta???