Theta Data Basic II cd transport Reliability ?

Hello Everyone
I have a Theta data basic II on loan from a dealer , the unit appears to operate fine and it has come from a good home , i currently have a Rega planet 2000 with clock upgrade but the Theta is a step up in sound i am using a Van Den Hul digital cable , i am a bit worried from what i read on the web forums, many are saying to stay away because of spare parts problems with the phillips cdm9 transport mechanism and laser , my question is how reliable are these transports as i have never had a cd transport mechanism fail , i even have a Luxman D-105u from 1990 and the transport mechanism is still fine , any opinions would be most welcome. Cheers Phil.
Knock on wood, I bought my TDBII new in '96 and nary a problem so far. For the last three years it has served as my secondary transport to the Accustic Arts Drive 1 but it still does get regular use. YMMV.
Avoid like fire. They like to break down, and when they do, all you can do is to sell the player for parts.
I've had both the Theta Data Basic and Theta Data Basic II. They sound great, especially the II, but you are right about the age, reliability and parts factor. I had the Data Basic fail under warranty thank goodness, and I had the Data Basic II's drawer fail and fixed by Theta for $200.00 and over a month waiting on the repair.

I replaced the Data Basic II with an Accustic Arts Drive 1, $5800.00 new right now. Before I did though, I auditioned the much, much newer Stello CDT-200 for $1500.00 brand new. To me, the Stello completely blew away the Data Basic II in every area EXCEPT the depth of the soundstage. I could not even consider returning to the sound of the Data Basic II after three weeks with the Stello.

I found out later that the depth issue might have been corrected with one of the new ceramic audiophile fuses from HiFiTuning in Germany available through The Cable Company or Galen Carol, for two. I really think that auditioning a Stello CDT-200 would WELL be worth your time.

Thanks for the responses , i was told that the new Musical fidelity sacd players transport is now no longer made ? Makes you wonder if new cd transports will made for much longer or will they just be dvd based ? I guess there must be spare parts for the Theta DBII if you search around as i understand alot of manufactures used the CDM9 transport in there players. Cheers.
I can get a CEC TL51x cd transport for $1700Aus i have read good reports on this unit and no problems servicing . Any Opinions on this one . Cheers Phil.
You can buy a Philips CDM-9 mechanism, buy you can't get the CDM-9Pro - and that is the one used in TB/TBII.

CEC51 is nice, although some ppl reported problems reading CDRs. It is still servicable though - it uses popular Sanyo laser (15$ part).
Thanks Elberoth , i will e.mail the agent for CEC here in Australia , the unit im looking at is the latest model transport so i guess cdrs should be no problem , shame about the Theta issues i relly was taken by the sound of that player :( . Cheers Phil.
By the way can parts of a Cdm9 be used to fix a cdm9 pro ?.