Theta dac to match Theta Data Basic II transport

hi all,
have a theta data basic II transport and looking for a theta dac to best match with it. appreciate your thoughts and recommendation.
tks to all in advance.
Yoh, Any of the early Theta DACS will be fine I'd pick the Cobalt or Pro Basic Balanced as my choices.

They pop up cheap on the Gon/Fleabay etc but don't discount Gumtree/Craigslist as well.

I hope you realise there are no more replacement Phillips CD drives for that model Transport

Good Luck,

The new Arcam rDAC ($450) will somoke all of those ancient Thetas I'm afraid.
The Arcam rDAC is quite good. Don't be too quick to discount the old Theta DACs. I have a Cobalt that I was looking to replace. The budget DACs weren't good enough to do it to my ears - V-DAC, DAC Magic, etc. It took the $1k Rega to make it worthwhile for me. The rDAC probably would have replaced it if the Rega wasn't available, but I'm not 100% sure.

Everyone says newer is better. Not always. The Thetas used far better power supplies and input and output stages than today's budget wall wart an op-amp based DACs.