Theta Compli vs Wadia

I am thinking of upgrading from my current Lexicon front end to either Theta or Wadia (used), and would be grateful to hear from anyone who can comment on the how Theta's Compli compares with Wadia transports/CD players.

I currently run:
Lexicon RT-10 multiformat player
Lexicon MC-8 preamp/processor
Theta Dreadnaught II 5x220W
Focal JM Labs Alto (fr), Micro (rear) & Centre Utopia Be
REL Stentor 2 sub
Synergistic Research cables

I hope to upgrade to a better DAC, like the Theta Pro Generation VIII.

I know that the Wadia CDs/transports cost more than the multi-format Compli, but used prices are not that different.
How does the redbook performance of the Compli as a transport compare with the Wadia models?
On SACD, how does the Compli compare with the Wadia 581?

Any comments or advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,
So you need to determine your goals.....
If you want SACD then get the Wadia 581 and buy a good preamp..... I tried the SACD on my Compli, compared it to a top Marantz, and top Sony, and the latest EMM single box and didn't care for any of the SACD's presentations as I find it to bright on top. so maybe I just don't get the SACD thing..

If you are more concerned about redbook, Get the Theta Gen VIII and a Theta Compli (you would need a set of analog interconnects to us the SACD function since sony never licensed Theta to send it digitally to the Gen VIII). There is suppose to be an upgrade available for the Gen VIII in the next month (rumor on AVSFORUM, so I'm just passing on the rumor). The Theta Gen VIII analog preamp is stellar.... still It was improved when I borrowed a VTL 6.5 and another pair of $4800 Transparent Reference with MM balanced cables...5% improvement for a lot of money...

The Theta Gen VIII can be controlled by a Theta Casablanca 3 with an additional card that provides a center channel dac also... so this is an execellent way to integrate a top 2 channel system into a video system.

Disclaimer: I own the Theta Compli and Theta Gen VIII and I'm not a dealer... I like Wadia gear but I always found that direct connected to amps it was lacking compared to the Theta Gen VIII where the volume control is done in the analog stage.
Cytocycle: Which Wadia piece did you own or listen to, and were the necessary internal adjustments made to ensure that you were listening with volume levels between 70 and 100? If not, that would explain how you arrived at that conclusion.
I have a Compli myself, but would not have chosen Compli if I didn't need a dvd player. I have added separate music machine and now use Compli only for movie or multichannel sacd (which I really don't care much about...)

Compli is good as transport, but is not sota as integrated player. As CotoCycle says, if you choose Compli a good option would be to add the GenVIII DAC.

If you are not intending to use the player for movies or multichannel audio I would have picked the Wadia 581, best of all 581i.
Why don't you upgrade to the Lexicon RT20?
It is reviewed as significantly better than the RT10.
I am interested as I'm considering upgrading to a Sony XA9000ES or Lexicon RT20; which will be used primarily
for CD play.
I did hear a 581 and found it incredible. If it was within my budget I would be happy with it. Nice music & detail.
9rw: I have listened up to the 861 series, but I have friends with the 581SE models and they switched back to preamps because of better spacial imaging versus direct. Of Course they were jumpered correctly to match output level with input level of the amplifiers...

Psacanli: Skip the Sony.. I know everyone raves about it and then mods it for the same reason... The Japanese players just don't have the magic....

The Lexicon will never have the clarity of the Wadia, Theta or other top players... the black background just doesn't cut it...

The other Cool thing about my Theta Gen VIII is I use the digital input for my Bolder Ultimate Modified Squeezebox and sometimes my HTPC to get outstanding results... so if you get a Wadia consider making sure to get the digital input option! Plus the Theta Gen VIII has 2 analog (1 is fully differential Balanced) inputs incase you want to step over to the dark side of Vinyl like I have done.... which humbles all the best digital systems I have heard... what's worse is I've heard even better analog setups than mine but at 3 times the price..... The maddness ...where does it stop!
Along with the other considerations, I would definately replace the Dreadnaught for two channel listening. The Dreadnaught is just not a very good amplifier for two channel performance. Add a dedicated 2-channel amplifier and your performance on two channel music will improve dramatically over the Dreadnaught. Until you get the Dreadnaught out of the two channel playback, no CD player (SACD or just redbook) will ever be able to show its abilities. Perhaps you want to borrow a decent 2-channel amp from a friend before making all these other changes. My guess is that you will find that the improvement with this move will far out achieve any new CD player you add while still running the Dreadnaught - at least for 2-channel performance.

I did own the Dreadnaught II and this is based on my experience with my system. I sold the Dreadnaught to another individual looking to get better 2-channel performance via a 5-channel amp and he re-sold the Dreadnaught within 2 weeks (before my ad had even expired) and commented to me that it was mediocre in terms of 2-channel performance, same as my conclussion.

FWIW - I never found the Wadia direct to amp nearly as good as via a decent preamp. On the otherhand, I did find the Audio Aero Capitole direct to an amp was just as good as via a preamp (both in my system only, so factor these comments in accordingly).