Theta Compli used as a CD Player? internal DAC


Does anyone use an original Theta Compli (stand alone - no external DACs) as their primary CD player? I emailed Theta and they indicated the Compli is to be used with one of their external DACs. But, I understand the Compli does have an internal DAC (BB PCM1737???) however, this would potentially be my first piece of really high end gear, and I've read that Theta gear is a cut above anyway. Also, I'm comparing the Compli to the following cd players I amd looking at: Cambridge Audio 640 v2, Arcam Alpha 9 and Adcom GCD-750. Also, what would "mate well" with my Pioneer SX-1050 receiver and Mirage M-3si speakers?
I think you can do better than a compli as a stand alone CD player for the budget. I used to have one myself. For starters, the Compli being a DVD player, you are paying for a lot of stuff you wont be needing. It is also very old and digital technology has improved a lot. Your best bet is to look for a more current price performance leading player and try to score one for 40% of MSRP 1/2 years old. How much are you willing to spend?
I've never liked Theta CD players. To me, they sound very lifeless. I would definitely look at other players, as well. I had a 640V2 and thought it was very good for the money. Of the CD players you list, that would be my first choice.

That said, I would strongly recommend that you upgrade from your Pioneer first. I think doing that would make a much bigger difference than a new CD player. I would buy a CD player after you get a new amp.
The Compli is a universal CD/DVD player that you don't need to connect to an external DAC. I had one for many years and was very happy with it. There's a lot to be said for buying a $5,000 piece of equipment for next to nothing.