Theta Compli FAQ

Hey Guys wondering if you could help me with some questions about the Theta Compli. I am really interested in this player, its got lots of features including SDI output to keep an all digital video signal. The question I have is about sound quality, in particular cd playback. I still listen to lots of cds and was wondering what i can expect from this player, i dont think a $4500 universal will match a $4500 cd player, so i was wondering what level of cd playback would this player match. I am also wondering about the quality of the dacs in this player, i know the David was an all digital transport, and that the only reason they probably put Dacs in the Compli is because of the lack of a universal digital output for high res audio. The player is also suppose to be with a Gen8 Dac. I dont have the money for that, but a DAC from MSB or Perpetual Tech could be purchased for the player. Any help you provide would be much useful.
I think it is a worth a call to Theta. The web site doesn't make much mention of their digital to analog phase inside the Compli.
You are definitely on the right track knowing that you can get the best performance for your dollars if you go with a player that specializes in a particular format, in your case red book CD. Having said that, I would also say that I've never heard any Theta product that was less than great.
Here is my advice... You sound like you want stellar red book play. Get a red book player. Period. Put the money down and buy a Naim or Arcam or Esoteric or Wadia or any one of the greats... think about it for a second... the player you choose will last you 10 to 15 years easily... how much will you spend on automobiles in that period...??? Three times as much??? Five times??? After 15 years the cars will be gone or rusted and almost worthless and you will have enjoyed your CD player 10 times as much... food for thought... give it a spin!!!

Good Luck.

Well, I own both the Compli and Gen VIII and I think it is a killer unit. It replaced my Theta Data Basic II transport which was one of the best out there. The Compli is comparable in sound, a little less forward in the mids than the Data Basic II. The Compli is based on the $1200 Pioneer Elite unit. They focus most of the mods on the audio playback. As far as I am told the only thing they do with the video is isolate it a little more and tweak the power supply to reduce video noise. The video DACS are the ones that come with the Pioneer unit.

I plan on using my unit for SACD/DVD-A when Theta has the module available for my Gen VIII. If your primary focus is going to be CD and would look at the Ayre CX-7 and get an inexpensive DVD player. The CX-7 a killer unit at the price.

Otherwise, get the Compli and look at used Theta Gen Va dacs. I have seen a lot of them going selling in the low $1000s. I had a Gen Va amd it is a great unit.
I have a question for Hfriedman. You said that you will use your unit for SACD/DVD-A when Theta has the module available for the Gen VIII. First question - do you know when that module will be available? Second question - won't the Compli need modifications as well? Currently the signal for SACD and DVD-A is only output through the analog outputs of the Compli, correct? If I am correct, from whence comes the signal that the "SACD module" in the Gen VIII will process?


I have the gen VIII and Compli i think the compli is awesome very very good.
Well im really hoping to go with a universal player, because all formats are important to me, its just that i have heard some units really suffer on standard cd playback, I heard the Linn universal players suffer from this. I have read some great reviews from the esoteric, but it does not have SDI output, and is a little more pricey than the Theta. Would you guys think that this player would be able to compete with a $2000 standalone cd player, such as a Classe CDP-10?