Theta Citidel vs Mcintosh MC 502

Looking for feedback from those that have experience with both these sets of mono blocks? I currently have the Citidels and have no complaints I love Theta gear I guess I also love Mcintosh for whatever reason most likely due to growing up with the MAC sound as a kid. As my dad has had a MAC system all of his life. When I purchased the Citidels I was looking for a set of 501’s but three 3yrs ago the used prices were through the roof and the added shipping made the Citidels which were a 2hr drive the choice. Fast forward 3yrs and I have the opportunity to get the 501’s at a better price and am curious what if anything the 501’s due better than the Citidels? I’d imagine the 501’s to have better bottom end but the midrange on the Citidels is pretty magical in my system.
You would need to hear them side by side.  I happen to love the McIntosh sound so I would be biased towards them.  Is the Theata a switching amp or conventional AB?
Also the title should have said MC 501
I own Theta Citadel 1.5, and owned the 1.0 versions prior. The 501 doesn’t have the output and control of the Citadel. I found you had to go to the 601 or higher really for the Mcintosh gear to open up. The 501 only makes 500watts, whereas the Citadel makes 950watts into 2ohm, and has huge current reserves. Each Theta monoblock is 125 lbs of powersupply.. definitely not switching.   the Mcintosh definitely doesn't have the better bottom end, as even the Ayre MXR aren't even close to the Citadel.  The best upgrade you can do is have a 20amp dedicated AC circuit dropped it for the amps.  You will be amazed how cheap that upgrade reduces noise and gives the citadels the current they can use.