Theta Chroma 396 or Aragon D2A MKii

Hi all, I'm taking my first adventurous steps into tuning my system and should be able to get my hands on one of the above used. But which? The Chroma has HDCD but I'd rather choose thinking about the reproduction of 16 bits, or 398 or my 400 CD's. All help appreciated.

My other option is to upgrade my DVD (equiv to US Pioneer DV-47Ai with the Burr-B DAC's) with a good clock and some upgrades. Anyone who can wrap their mind around all that HELP PLEASE!!!! I dont really care about anything but the front two channels, and the option which gives me the best bang for my buck for 16bit is what I'm after..

Upgrade your DVD player!

The Theta Chroma was disappointing when new.. the Pro Progeny was much better but is still outdated by a simple common DVD player.. or get a Sony 9000 DVD player for redbook.
I think Cytocycle might be right. Both companies seem to be in a rather unsettled state. Yesterdays technology in a field that moves faster than most, with out warranty and most probably risky customer service, repairs and parts doesn't make sense to me.
I sold a Theta Pro Prime II a couple of months ago to someone who used the coax out on his DVD. He loved it. You can read my feedback about the transaction. I can't speak for the other Theta DACs, but the Pro Prime II still sounds good today if $250-$300 is not too far to reach.