Theta Casanova HELP please????? Can't unlock

I bought a Runco projector and a Theta Casanova from a member of this fourm and I didn't use the Casanova for the past year and a half. When I went to use the Casanova I found that it has been locked!!! I called Theta and they told me that I had to send it back to them with a minium charge of $350.00 to unlock it. Can anyone help????? if there a way to reset the code without having to send it to Theta????
I already contacted the orginal owner and he can't remember the code.
The lock is a simple four digit numeric code based on numbers 1 through 6 and won't have a zero in it, so the possibilities are not endless. It would take at most a few hours to find the code manually. The question is - are a few hours worth $350? This "feature" is one of my few dislikes in the Casanova and Casablanca processors and Theta would do well to delete it in the future. Good luck!
That is a sad code--only 1296 possibilities. At, say, 6 seconds per try, that is 10 per minute, so about 2 hours of trying. I'd just start punching them in. Or pay a 10 year old $20 to "break the code."

You might start with 1111, 2222, and some of the more obvious ones like that.

I know that this might be a long dead tread but I have to give it a try anyway.

Bought a used Casa Nova and the previous owner password protected the setup. I got the override password from Theta but it doesn't seem to be working.

They sent me a five digit code but it doesn't unlock anything. It just goes back to the same blue screen.

Am I doing this wrong?

Sent Theta another mail but no answer so far.