Theta Casanova HELP please????? Can't unlock

I bought a Runco projector and a Theta Casanova from a member of this fourm and I didn't use the Casanova for the past year and a half. When I went to use the Casanova I found that it has been locked!!! I called Theta and they told me that I had to send it back to them with a minium charge of $350.00 to unlock it. Can anyone help????? if there a way to reset the code without having to send it to Theta????
What about contacting the seller and seeing if they remember the unlock code? Or, was that step implied and already done?
I already contacted the orginal owner and he can't remember the code.
The lock is a simple four digit numeric code based on numbers 1 through 6 and won't have a zero in it, so the possibilities are not endless. It would take at most a few hours to find the code manually. The question is - are a few hours worth $350? This "feature" is one of my few dislikes in the Casanova and Casablanca processors and Theta would do well to delete it in the future. Good luck!
That is a sad code--only 1296 possibilities. At, say, 6 seconds per try, that is 10 per minute, so about 2 hours of trying. I'd just start punching them in. Or pay a 10 year old $20 to "break the code."

You might start with 1111, 2222, and some of the more obvious ones like that.