Theta Casablanca preamp setup - HELP

I just picked up a used Theta Casablance II preamp to use just as a pre with my Theta Enterprise mono amps. The manual for this unit is about 90 pages. Does anyone know the shortest process to set the amp up for 2-channel stereo use only? I can get a law degree quicker than I can figure out what this unit is capable of doing....appreciate your time very much!
Webjazz... It's not as hard as it appears, but you do have to read the manual to get your arms around this monster. I printed a second manual and marked it with a highlighter and tabs when I found a section that I needed. I then went back and only paid attention to the pages I marked, which made things a lot better. After studying the manual, I came to realize that Figure 13 "Set-up Menus and Pages" is a map to getting where you want to go. Go to Set-up... Config... Source (OSD second page)... and follow the bounching ball.
Raks: Thanks very much for your help! I will follow your lead and see where it takes me. Sometimes this electronic stuff is way 'overdone' with features and options....thanks again and enjoy the music!!
Webjazz... I'm no expert on this, but having set up both a Casanova and now the Casablanca, the fear that comes with pushing the buttons isn't as great as it was at first. If you get really stuck, E-mail me with your phone number and I'll do my best to talk you through this. Better yet, if you live around Chicago, I'd be happy to help you set it up.