Theta Casablanca III vs Tubes

I sent my Calypso off around 5 weeks ago, to get it upgraded to a Signature.  Around 15 years ago, i purchased a Casablanca series III and it can do everything but talk to me.  I bought it, to be incorporated in my surround sound, as well as 2 channel. Years have passed and I no longer use my listening room as a TV room.  I have found that cheap solid state receivers, give me all the sound I need, for a TV in a different room.  Anyway, I've been forced to listen to my Theta and I can't believe the warmth and depth I'm missing.  I have been listening to CD's and they all seem so hollow, with no guts.  I have an EQ I use when needed, but no matter how I set it (I'm exaggerating),  I can't get anywhere close to the sound I have with my Calypso.  It's unbelievable how a tube line stage preamp, will make such a huge difference.  I have an Aesthetix Rhea I use for albums and that, coupled with the Calypso, gives me such an inviting and warm sound.  I'm due to get my Calypso back in 5 days, then I have 350-400 hours of burn in time.  I'm going into withdrawals.  Pass me the tequila and tranqs. 
I had the tube in my CJ ET3 SE go bad and for about a week before I was able to get a new tube to install I used my Krell Showcase processor for music. Hated it. Cold and sterile. Great for movies but just could not reproduce music like the CJ. Learned my lesson I now keep extra tubes on hand for the CJ.