Theshold Amp repair

I have a Threshold S500e amplifier that has gone kaput. Does anyone know of a Threshold repair company, since they've gone out of biz? Please e-mail or post response. I live in Los Angeles, CA. On a related note does anyone know where I could find some 32Volt 6amp fuses? Tried local Radio Shack, Home Depot, Marvac and specialy electronic shops...all treated me like I was looking for Holy Grail.
I had a conversation with a salesman recently on this topic and he tells me that a former Threshold employee has set up a repair depot somewhere in Texas.Try a net search on Metacrawler. Regards Kevin
Check the following website: This guy used to work for Threshold and knows the products as well as anyone.
i know where you can get it me ill give you some info.
Thanks for all the replies. Jon Soderberg @ is da man! If you need repairs/mods he's excellent.