Theshold Amp repair

I have a Threshold S500e amplifier that has gone kaput. Does anyone know of a Threshold repair company, since they've gone out of biz? Please e-mail or post response. I live in Los Angeles, CA. On a related note does anyone know where I could find some 32Volt 6amp fuses? Tried local Radio Shack, Home Depot, Marvac and specialy electronic shops...all treated me like I was looking for Holy Grail.
Vintage Amp Repair. Good guy, ex Threshold but this is his sideline so he may take a day to respond. Allied Electronics carries 32 volt fuses but 6 amps is a lower rating that is the usual. I think 10 amps is the lowest for most mfg.
Had my S500 upgraded to series E and biased to Class A with great care and integrity from Jon Soderberg (formerly of Threshold) at Vintage Amp Repair. Highly recommended but give him some time to do repairs. He is demand!
Three recommendations in a row. I guess Jon is doing something right !!!! Like the others stated, i too will say that you have to be patient with him. It will be worth the wait though. Sean >
Thanks for the info, I'll try to be patient. I also found a new company mentioned in Stereophile, Industry Update section, called Threshold Service (e-mail I e-mailed them but they replied that they are still a couple of months away from setting up a repair facility :-(
I used Vintage Amp Repair for a Threshold preamp I own, he did a good job at a fair price. Jon Soderberg is the owner, his number is 916-721-9611.
Thanks for all the replies. Jon Soderberg @ is da man! If you need repairs/mods he's excellent.